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From culture to technology. Combining valuable insights and anywhere-talents. Towards high-performing, motivated and engaged teams, regardless of location_

Everybody, Everywhere, In_

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When talents connect the right way, ideas flow faster, solutions multiply. All evolve. With the freedom to be anywhere, together, collaborating, as if side-by-side. Technology is crucial but needs to be combined with culture. Practices specifically thought for a distributed, remote work approach. And that's not all. You need to access metrics, data, insights as a driver for continuous improvement, both collective and individual.

We explore all of this throughout this ebook. We hope our own 16-years experience innovating with no limits for global game-changers and lessons learned as a 100% digital company may also inspire you.

If you are a Business Leader or an Operations/Human Resources Manager, this eBook is for you. It covers:

Building a distributed  working model

Building a distributed

working model_

Not a copy/paste  from traditional work_

Not a copy/paste

from traditional work_

What makes high-performing and motivated anywhere-teams?_

What makes high-performing and motivated anywhere-teams?_

Gathering data for continuous improvement_

Gathering data for continuous improvement_

Tips to take advantage of the best minds, best where

What is it like to be inside a company today? Technology as “The Intelligent Connector” - Microsoft-Awarded InStation platform case_

Conclusion and  next steps

Conclusion and

next steps_

Invillia helps game-changing companies activate their innovation power combining strategic data and the best talents around the world. Our exclusive Global Growth Framework was designed to transform businesses with agility, performing cutting-edge technology, creating ongoing digital strategies, products, and services.